5 Minute Quote

Ζen Windows can provide you with an accurate quote within minutes without sending a salesman to your home for an in-person assessment. We just need a little bit of information about the windows you want and we’ll email you an accurate quote as little as 5 minutes later.


Zero Down Payment

We offer a No Money Down Policy to give you the assurance that the final result of your project is everything you imagine it to be and more. Until your windows are installed and you are 100% happy, we don’t get paid a dime. “Why would you want to do it any other way?”

Zen Installation

We have our own certified, highly-trained, and experienced installers that can ensure excellent installation service that is in keeping with Zen’s standards and reputation. Providing industry leading windows with mediocre installation is not an option with Zen Windows.

Lifetime Warranty

The price quoted on our windows and doors includes both the costs of the installation, cleanupand the lifetime warranty on both the windows and installation. Our policy is that once you’ve spent your money on a Zen window, it’s the last time you will spend money on that window.

 Zen’s Window Series


Ultimate – Triple Pane



Upgraded Low E – Double Pane



Standard Low E – Double Pane


Replacement Windows
In ME & NH

  • No Money Down Gurantee

    Zen Windows won’t accept any payment until all your windows and doors are properly installed and you are completely satisfied with the final result.

    This is how we differ from most of the window replacement companies in the industry. We don’t require any initial deposit to start the project. With our no money-down policy, we are able to prove two crucial points: our desire to ensure customer satisfaction always comes first; and, we have complete confidence in the quality of our products and our services. Thus, we only accept payment when everything is completed and our customers are 100% happy. Our questions is: “Why would you want to do it any other way?

  • Precision Install

    It is always our goal to provide precision installation on every project that we undertake. This is easily accomplished with the help of our own team of highly skilled installers.

    There’s no denying how the construction and design of a window play a crucial role in the overall quality and performance of the unit. However, the installation is just as important in ensuring that the window performs at its optimum potential. Even high-end windows diminish their level of performance when badly installed.

    Through our team of skilled window installers, we can guarantee that your replacement windows and doors are out to perform at their best. We are very particular in our hiring practices for our installation crews. We want to make sure that the result always adheres to the high standards of Zen Windows. With our highly qualified and experienced service professionals in charge of the installation, you are guaranteed that your replacement windows will deliver a high level of performance and will last for the life of the home.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Zen Windows has full trust and confidence in its products and installation team. This is why it offers a solid lifetime warranty for both the materials and labor of its windows and doors.

    As part of our endeavor to provide our customers with total satisfaction, we have a team that promptly responds to warranty service calls. In case problems arise with your windows in the future, you will have the support that you’ll need right away with no additional charge on your end. All service fees are already included in the cost of the products’ warranty. To help you feel secure with your decision, we encourage you to raise any concern that you have regarding our warranty and we will be more than glad to explain everything to you.

Replacement Windows In The Digital Age

Window Shopping From Home - The Zen Way

Window Shopping From Home - The Zen Way
Zen Windows, through its unique business model, is able to offer homeowners a quick and easy way of buying replacement windows and doors and having these products installed in their homes minus the unwelcome hassle and inconvenience of a long and drawn out sales pitch process. This is a complete deviation from what has been practiced in the replacement window industry for so long. This is basically how we set ourselves apart from the rest.
By taking full advantage of today’s technological advances, we can give you a quick window quote without the need for an in-person assessment. Thus, there’s really no need for us to send a salesman to your home. If you want a quote, we can give it to you in mere minutes. You can do your “due diligence” by researching online to find all the facts you need to make an informed decision about which window you want and which company to buy them from without the angst of having a salesman nipping at you for an immediate decision. At Zen Windows, we make things easy and simple for you.
All you have to do is provide us with some basic information such as the type of windows and doors that you want for your home. If you find it hard to describe the windows or doors that you want to replace, this can be easily remedied by taking a photo of the existing units and send it to us and we’ll take it from there. In no more than 5 minutes, you will have an accurate quote with no strings attached.
With Zen, you don’t have to deal with aggressive salesmen at your door and be bombarded with those endless sales pitches and pricing gimmicks (all of which contain his sales commission). And you won’t be pressured to make a decision right off the bat. Everything is up to you. You want replacement windows, we’ll give you the price. Then the ball is in your court. If you do choose Zen, do it at your own time and by your own choosing. This is our way, the Zen way.

Inside View of sliding patio doors
replacement window before and after in St Louis

Single pane windows were replaced with much more energy efficient LowE double pane windows.

Our “No Down Payment” Policy

We’ll Never Send A Window Salesman…